Knitting Like A Sailor

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Looky Here!

It's Hedgie! Fully felted and ready to rrrrrrrruuuumble! Here we catch him perusing the blogs and Look! He's at Ideaphoria, catching up on what's been happening with her since she sent him off into the world to be all that he could be. *
Thanks Karen and Jewel, the kit was a lot of fun to make (and a super fast knit!), and Hedgie has been a lot of fun to play with, both the kids and I agree. I opted for stuffing him with leftover scraps of yarn, so he's less squishy than some, but since he's already been sat upon, more than once, I think the resiliance will be a good thing.

Spring break started today, the teachers were all reminiscing about relaxing, taking trips, drunken parties and such. The students were all looking at each other wondering if graduation automatically erased the fact that finals start the week after spring break from their minds. Not having class just means I have that much more time to study. And write. And PowerPoint. I'm about burnt out on power point and I still need a few more slides to flesh it out.
On the spinning front, everything has sat idle, I've looked at my tools and petted some fibers but I'm honest enough with myself to know that anything I tried to spin would be screwed up because my mind wouldn't stay on it and I'd wind up reciting the urine production process instead.
On the knitting front, I was working up a pair of socks in my own design, toe up with short row toes and heels, and then an old shale type lace cuff, both socks knitted at the same time. I reached the cuff, figured out I didn't like tha pattern over the amount of stitches I had, increased a full repeat, liked that better, tried them on and realized that the foot of the sock needed more stitches, so they went to the frog pond. I think I'm going to knit the yarn into a pair from Nancy Bush's knitting on the road, probably the conway socks, and knit the ones I want to design from some knitpicks plain sock yarn that I have. The STR that I was using is too precious to rip and knit only to rip and knit some more like I tend to do when I'm noodling around with my own ideas. I'm thinking about the shaped arch in meg swanson's knitting, with a french toe from nancy bush and a little barbara walker lace tossed in for good measure. We'll see.
Have a good week!

*The picture doesn't accurately portray Hedgie in all his glory. I finally figured out why everything is yellowish even when I play with the pictures on the computer. I take the vast majority of my pictures in my bedroom, where the walls are painted pale orange, the sheets are gold, the blanket is a dark cream, etc. Everything has a yellowed cast! LOL I never said I was the sharpest crayon in the box.