Knitting Like A Sailor

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


My secret pal! Hi Lisa! Go, visit, I'm sure she'll be tickled pink to have more visitors. She's striving to survive spring break with both teenaged sons intact, I wish her well. And, I found out where she got the wonderful soap that I've been bathing with. Her store. Isn't that fabulous? Send your friends, I highly recommend the Summer Bouquet.
I've been bad about blogging her last gift and a pretty card with a sweet, chatty letter that she sent me. The other female in my house saw the gorgeous butterflies on the card, squeed thank you! and took off with it. I did convince her to give it back to me long enough to get it out of the envelope and actually read the card, barely, but it's now firmly stowed away in her underpants drawer. I'm not really interested in the kind of traffic the picture of an underpants drawer belonging to a small female child would generate, so I didn't take one to post, but I did steal this pic. This represents the two (!) skeins of gorgeous emerald lace weight wool from hand painted yarn. I have the start of an idea for these little pretties, and it doesn't even include caressing them with my clutching hands and crooning my preeessssscccciiioooouuuussssss to them. Well, not my standards....
I'd also like to introduce you to the lady I sent presents to, Kae. Kae is an awesome person. She's working on getting a small dye business going, I can't wait until she's set up for business and I can get my hands on her ToT sock yarns. Prrrrrreeeeessscccciiioooo.... oops, sorry, s'cuse me. *ahem* moving on...
I've decided that I'm not going to enter any more contests. I've won three this year. In the first, I was runner up for the best joke at Fillyjonk's blog and won a good sized box of sock yarns, handy dandy yellow post-its (Erica, if you read this, the post-its have been put to use again and again, thank you so much! Your impulse has been so handy I went and bought more lest I run out of these Pressscccio I mean useful items.) pencils, and she decorated the box with Squee!! producing stickers. Yes, parts of the box now reside in the smaller females underpants drawer. I'm wondering if there's much room for underpants in there any more? Kae, Erica is from your region of the map, different city though.
The second contest I won was the Name Wendy's New Pink RaZR Phone and Headset contest. I again was second runner up (we actually entered the same name, the other lady was faster with the email though) for the entry Pinky and the Brain. (Do I really need to link to one of the most famous bloggers? Oooookayfine Rob, here's her blog) My prize is two skeins of Lorna's laces sock yarn in the Somerset colorway.
The third contest I entered was a guess what this is a picture of contest. I actually won this one, thanks to Mia the cat's obvious good taste. Thanks Jewel, I'm looking forward to new little fuzzies! I have a feeling they'll fit quite well (and if not will be pounded until they do) into a certain four year olds' underpants drawer, quite likely accompanied with lot's of Squees! Maybe I'll mosey on over to AC Moore after the kit arrives and see if I can find something in pink to make it with first, because while any fuzzy will rock, a PINK fuzzy, obviously, rocks harder! and mom will be allowed to keep the plain jane normal (read DORKY) colored one.
Actually, gwen's not that bad. She always asks, most of the time she remembers to say please and thank you, and I frequently get a kiss and a "you're the best, mom" for anything she gets to tuck into her drawer. I'm not kidding about the Squees! though. They're usually accompanied with hand clasping/clapping, bouncing and bright shiny excitement. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, it's a beautiful thing, which is probably why I've caught myself considering pink sparkly craptastic toys at the store lately. Gotta get my Squee! fix, don'tcha know. Anyway, as much as I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the Secret Pal exchange, I think I'm going to sit number 8 out. I didn't have as much time as I thought I was going to to blog, and I feel as though I did a disservice to Lisa's great efforts. I thoroughly enjoyed everything, really! However, we're coming up on final exams, I'm up to my seat in papers to write, and I just won't have the time. I'll be back for number 9 hopefully. And yup, I will be back. I've met two great new people, ones I hope to keep be in contact with for a very long time. And that's probably the best gift of all :) Night!