Knitting Like A Sailor

Friday, April 07, 2006

I can't believe I knit the whoooole thing...

The hedgie kit I won arrived yesterday. Thanks again Jewel! I think you must have already been at the post office waiting when I sent you my address, it got here that fast.
Speaking of, it had the cutest packaging, with ribbons and a really pretty card attached. Note the past tense. I didn't even pause for a picture. Would you like to see it now? Well, you can't. Blogger is wearing it's asshat this morning, apparently. You'll have to go here. I'll wait. HmmmHmmmHmmm *checking watch* Oh hi, welcome back.
All done but the felting. I have no idea how I managed to knit the whole thing in one day. Well, actually, I do, but it didn't seem like I was getting that much of it done. I cast on around ten this morning, worked on it for a bit, took it with me to the dr's office, and then just worked on it between the kids, supper, a make-up exam, class, and managed to finish the front and pick up the stitches for the back. the back took the longest, I started on that at 8:30, and finished it at 12:30. I was going to quit at midnight but I was sooo close.
Tomorrow, my first felting experience. Woo Hoo!