Knitting Like A Sailor

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just sayin'

We've had the plague here. On the upside, my 4 year old washer is well and truly broken in, every towel, sheet and blanket I own has been washed (and rewashed and re-re-re-re-washed) and my bathroom has never sparkled this much. It should sparkle, it’s been cleaned top to bottom with bleach five times since Sunday. I swear, children need to learn that it’s not going to kill you to put your face near the toilet when you get ill, but I might if they don’t and I have to wash the walls, floors, counter, window and tub again, and the cats will if I have to empty, scrub, dry, then fill their litter box and bowls again. Plus, if you don’t feel good use the potty or the bucket by your bed and then call for me, don’t come into my room at three am and throw up on me and then tell me you don’t feel good, and then proceed to throw up on everything between here and the bathroom, and then say I all done now, only to start it back up again just as soon as everything is cleaned up. I’m just saying.