Knitting Like A Sailor

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My secret pal 7 gift!!!!!

She likes me, she really likes me!
On the couch, Vogues' winter issue and a pretty journal.

On the box we have, from L-R:
a pretty blue and white soap that smells really fresh
two skeins of bernat sox in the Jazz colorway
a pretty red soap that smells nice and earthy

In our imaginations we have six pretty beaded stitch markers!

YAY for stitch markers! I'd show them to you but all of them are in use (it's a lace pattern) and it's a gift for someone who may read this blog. I really wish I had restrained myself, but they were pretty and I was having issues with the repeat. I'm so sorry Secret Pal. I will post a picture of them when I'm finished with the project. They were her first stitch markers that she made with her own hands, just for me! I'm so touched! *sniffle* She also made the pretty soaps (one of which has been used and replaced in it's baggie for the photo shoot) When I asked where she found the soaps, she replied and told me that she has her own company and makes soaps, bath, and skin care products. I'm going to have to scope it all out when I find out who she is!

I do really like everything, it's all lovely. While I was opening the gift, my daughter, ever the girly girl, saw the yarn and squealed look mommy, your friend sent ME something! She's been asking for a shawl of her own, the bernat is machine washable and probably fairly durable, and there is 400 yards of it, so I'm thinking it's a match.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the thought and effort that you went to to pick such wonderful and generous gifts. I look forward to meeting you!

PS, I do spin.