Knitting Like A Sailor

Thursday, December 22, 2005


adj : intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner; "an interfering old woman"; "bustling about self-importantly making an officious nuisance of himself"; "busy about other people's business"

The other day I noticed that there was a really big debit to amazon on the e-bank statement. I didn't incur it. Ah, Kevin must have been Christmas shopping. Hey, I sent him my wish list...wonder what he got me? I had oodles of things for him to choose from that would have me squealing in delight: Wish #1 or Wish #2 or Wish #3and more. Or, if he didn't want to get me all fibery things, a recommended book. I starred, Highlited, circled, and otherwise generally made sure he couldn't miss Must Have #1 and Must Have #2.

His order? A book I'm not sure I'll like and Coupling.

I'm not dissappointed. No, I'm not. No, really, I am not. It's obvious he tried. I had been thinking about ordering the book for a few years, but I have a copy of the Quick Reference Version and I wanted to wait until I could see the full version in person before deciding if it was a necessary purchase. If I really don't want it, I can quietly return it and he won't ever know, because the two books look enough alike.

The DVD's I did ask for, but they're for him more than they are for me. Let me explain. While Kevin has scored some fantastic things for me that suit me to a T (a drum carder one year, some rare knitting books another) he usually buys me things he thinks are interesting and that he hopes I will like. I'm tired of being given D&D gaming modules, classic cult movies, video games, and Sci-Fi books I'm not interested in reading. I like Science-Fantasy as opposed to most old school science fiction that requires a calculator and schematics to understand, which Kev devours voraciously. Asimov and Heilein are too dry for my tastes at this time. Don't get me wrong, Kevin goes to great lengths with whatever he gives me. It will be well chosen, in fantastic shape, usually a limited, special, or first edition, and will only appreciate in value. They are truly magnificent gifts that I have no interest in or use for what-so-ever other than to appreciate their quality and how much effort he went to, which touches me deeply. Most of them are now in with his collections and the fact that I owned them originally is a distant memory.
I headed him off at the pass this time. This past spring Kevin discovered Coupling on BBC America on demand, and introduced me to it. He loves the show. I find it amusing, and certainly don't mind watching it, although it's not something I would have chosen to buy on DVD for myself. However, I do enjoy popping a bowl of popcorn, tucking myself into bed next to him with my knitting, and snickering along with him, and I knew if he saw it on my wish list he'd buy it. Now I have 28 hours of time with him to look forward to. That, my friends, is a priceless gift.