Knitting Like A Sailor

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

When I started this blog, the Meme craze hadn't made it onto my personal radar. The first few I saw seemed kind of interesting. Then they started getting repetitive. Then somewhat annoying. Now, they're kind of rotating back to mildly interesting. Today, I got my first tag. From Rob who happens to be a long time friend and confidant. He's been there for me through too many things to remember, and I hope I've managed to return the favor.

5 Weird Habits Of Mine

1 I have three children, and if they are not home or are asleep I have to have the TV on or it's too quiet and it drives me nuts. I go to sleep with the TV on.

2 I am the Queen of the Losers. There is nothing I cannot lose. Nothing. Because of this I have to have my keys attached to my wallet. If I don't do this, I don't get to go anywhere because by the time I found one I've lost the other. I will also not carry a purse because of this. Since I can't shove it in my pocket, I will leave it somewhere and not miss it until days later.

3 No matter where I am, I almost always have something to drink handy, even if it's just water, and it will always be in a container with a lid of some sort. I refill and reuse bottles that are "the right size" for drinking ie gatorade bottles and 1 liter soda bottles, and run them in the dishwasher between uses. Odd, yes, but my carpets don't have nearly as many stains as they used to. I do have real glass glasses for when guests come over or I'm feeling high maintenance. Amy, a friend from school, was over last semester, saw my bottle stash in the cupboard, and confided to me that they use mason jars with the screw on lids at their house, but liked my bottle idea better because they won't break. Do I really need to say that we both have small children and are klutzy ourselves?

4 I'm a sampler. I have swatches out the ying-yang, knit with no project in mind and no notes about the swatches what-so-ever, knit because I felt like knitting and seeing what would happen if I did this or that. I have several containers overflowing with little sample skeins I have spun for the same reason. I was really bad about it, but after I sampled away fiber and yarn that I would rather still have, I got a grip and now I set aside balls of yarn and bits of fiber just for this purpose. Doing this has improved my stash, and I am now able to keep project quantities of fibers and yarn without having to work them up immediately for fear of wasting them otherwise.

5 I used to have a habit that was bordering on OCD. I had this thing about symmetry, if I did one thing with one side of my body, I had to do the same thing, or at the very least tighten the same muscles, on the other side of my body, as though they were taking turns. I think it came from years of being in gymnastics, but it was completely unconscious. In college (the first time) it drove my riding instructor completely batty until we figured out what was going on because the schools horse would pick up on those muscle contractions and think (s)he was supposed to act on them. My own mare and gelding apparently knew to ignore it. Breaking that habit was really really difficult, but once gone my riding performance increased a hundred fold. It's been so long now that I almost forgot about it.

There ya go Rob, laid my quirks bare for you. Hope you had a kickin' holiday without too much stress from the fam, and hey, what's this about Las Vegas?