Knitting Like A Sailor

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


: a division or forking into branches; especially : repeated bifurcation

I discovered that I did not really mind having my guts up on the blog. I appreciated the comments greatly, and tried to reply to them all. I know or know of most of my readers (all six of you) and feel comfortable sharing. However (and you knew there would be a however, didn't you?) I did feel uncomfortable leaving it there for random strangers to find, so it's been removed.

On to regular life.
I've finished the semester. The only grade I have back so far is Biology, with a solid B. Haven't heard anything from the other three classes yet and it's driving me bonkers.
No knitting today. I've been miserable with a rapidly progressing cold. Rapidly progressing as in i was fine this morning, ate breakfast, and by lunch i felt like crap. It's been down hill since then.
I did do some fiber work last night. Dragged out the carder and worked with some lovely fiber I bought from Margrett, gcni, romney and mohair. The carder, which is old, of unknown origin and indeterminate functionalism, is now crap. It wasn't always so. When Loverboy bought it on ebay, had it shipped from Canada, and gave it to me three years ago, it worked okay. It was fussy, and it took some care to turn out nice smooth batts, but turn them out it would. Now, the problems it had (mainly with the carding cloth, it was poorly installed) are very much exacerbated by the local climate. It has the old, leather backed carding cloth, and the leather is stretching out, turning odd colors, and it developed a case of mildew this summer when it sat out on the screen porch for a weekend. I treated it and the mildew hasn't returned, but I fear that the carder is kaput until i can get it reclothed. I'm thinking about actually buying a different, new to me carder with a fine/fur drum, and eventually having this one redone with cloth for coarser fibers. The other option I see is finding someone who can rebuild i and have them work on it. Either way, it will be months before I can make plans. Good thing I got those hand carders.
time to go make some dinner like substance and then go to sleep.