Knitting Like A Sailor

Monday, November 28, 2005

Random \Ran"dom\

a. Going at random or by chance; done or made at hazard, or without settled direction, aim, or purpose; hazarded without previous calculation; left to chance; haphazard; as, a random guess.

That would be me lately, my apologies.
I've been going nuts studying, and then avoiding studying, for finals, which start this coming week. I'm not going to do well this semester. I'm doing better in biology than I thought I was. Tanked the midterm in biology lab, really tanked it, and knew it as I was taking it. Checked my grades online, and I had a combined 61% for bio lab and lecture. Holy Shit! that's an F! I worried and fussed over that for two weeks, then I was looking at it online yet again (because I'm a masochist) and noticed that I had a 5 on the lab mid term. Now, I did poorly, but it was better than a five. Much better. Went and talked to the teacher, it was a transfer error. She fixed it and my grade shot up to a B. *Dance of Joy* I don't want to think of finals...moving on...

Made a great turkey this year. I used Alton Browns' recipe for brined turkey (found at and I made my ever popular pumpkin pie recipe. I've doubled it every year except the first time I made it, so I can trade pies for some of Loverboy's mother's pumpkin loaf. Don't know how, but when I doubled the recipe this year to get four pies, I wound up with ten pies. Fortunately I have a deep freezer, but WTF? Whatever, the kid's'll be more than happy to help it dissappear.

Still no word from the rat x. The eldest is torn up about it and isn't ready to talk about it, but I can see it. What I wouldn't give to pop the top on the rat's head, twiddle around with some things in there, and screw his head back on, straight. While we're at it, let's neuter him too. Awwww....c''ll be fun! Promise!

On a good note, he did finally put G back on his health insurance and enclosed an insurance card for her in the last child support payment. Check-up here we come!!

Shit, I gotta run, kids'll be up in 3 hours. Bye!