Knitting Like A Sailor

Monday, November 28, 2005

Random \Ran"dom\

a. Going at random or by chance; done or made at hazard, or without settled direction, aim, or purpose; hazarded without previous calculation; left to chance; haphazard; as, a random guess.

That would be me lately, my apologies.
I've been going nuts studying, and then avoiding studying, for finals, which start this coming week. I'm not going to do well this semester. I'm doing better in biology than I thought I was. Tanked the midterm in biology lab, really tanked it, and knew it as I was taking it. Checked my grades online, and I had a combined 61% for bio lab and lecture. Holy Shit! that's an F! I worried and fussed over that for two weeks, then I was looking at it online yet again (because I'm a masochist) and noticed that I had a 5 on the lab mid term. Now, I did poorly, but it was better than a five. Much better. Went and talked to the teacher, it was a transfer error. She fixed it and my grade shot up to a B. *Dance of Joy* I don't want to think of finals...moving on...

Made a great turkey this year. I used Alton Browns' recipe for brined turkey (found at and I made my ever popular pumpkin pie recipe. I've doubled it every year except the first time I made it, so I can trade pies for some of Loverboy's mother's pumpkin loaf. Don't know how, but when I doubled the recipe this year to get four pies, I wound up with ten pies. Fortunately I have a deep freezer, but WTF? Whatever, the kid's'll be more than happy to help it dissappear.

Still no word from the rat x. The eldest is torn up about it and isn't ready to talk about it, but I can see it. What I wouldn't give to pop the top on the rat's head, twiddle around with some things in there, and screw his head back on, straight. While we're at it, let's neuter him too. Awwww....c''ll be fun! Promise!

On a good note, he did finally put G back on his health insurance and enclosed an insurance card for her in the last child support payment. Check-up here we come!!

Shit, I gotta run, kids'll be up in 3 hours. Bye!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I've been going through somewhat of a rebellion recently. Don't wanna do homework, don't wanna do housework, don't feel like knitting, don't feel like spinning or blogging either. I don't really feel like doing anything but being a hermit.

I did go out last weekend. The local knitting guild (Coastal Cultured Purls) had their 2nd annual knit out, so I met some local knitters, and met a local blogger (Hi Vera!) which was fantastic. Vera makes the most beautiful things, especially her crocheted doilies. We chatted a bit, I confused the heck out of her husband*, and we did have a little bit more of a visit, but she was swamped with crocheting students most of the time I was there. It was interesting to hear her teach. She didn't discourage students from trying anything they wanted to try, nor did she tell them they were doing something wrong, she just pointed out a better way or a better first project, and left the choice up to them. She was as patient with the last student I saw with her as she was with the first. Me, I'd have been hiding my name tag and denying I knew what a crochet hook was at that point.

*having seen pictures of and read about Vera's hubby on her blog, I came up to him and said Hi Mr Vera, how're you, completely forgetting that he had absolutely no idea who I was, thusly proving that I was the biggest dork there. He was very gracious about it. I'm sure he also went home and brushed up on stalker laws. :)

After leaving the knit out, I walked to Knit!, the lys in downtown Charleston. I have heard that there is another knitting store on James Island, but I don't do bridges, and we rarely if ever have business on the islands, which nixes Kevin driving me over to it. peeeeaaachykeen okayfine with me, don't really need to be 500 feet in the air going 65 miles an hour swaying back and forth on a tiny ribbon of asphalt.
Anyway, I arrived at Knit's new store, and really like it. It's huge, in a lovely historical building with fantastic original wood floors (I think they're original at least) and they have a really nicely appointed sitting area with lots of comfortable furniture. They also now have Koigu! I petted, lusted, plotted, planned, re-thought, changed my mind, drove myself nuts, and eventually settled on.....Cherry tree hill supersock in peacock. Huh? What about the koigu?
I admired greatly the Koigu. I sincerely wanted the koigu. Why didn't I buy any? I'm not sure. I've done the same thing with other yarns, and I always tell myself that I need to let it percolate before I commit my money. I honestly don't think that's what it was in this case. I believe that I had been hearing about koigu for so many years that I had in my head exactly what it was going to be like, and it wasn't. Trust me, it's not a bad yarn, but because of my pre-conceived notions it's taking me a bit to be sure I will be happy with what I choose. That and she has every single colorway (or so it seems) and the choices were a bit overwhelming.

I have been knitting, I finished one of the charcoal paton's merino socks for Kev, haven't started the second one though. I made it toe up, which was really interesting in some ways, and really boring in others. I used short row toes and heels, which were interesting, but the cuff got boooooring. Very boring. Usually when I make socks I do them from the top down. I use the heel and toe as a reward for finishing the boring stretches of the cuff and the foot, but with a toe up design, there's nothing to look forward to once I turn the heel. Yuck.
S'okay, I have this charcoal sock done. I hadn't used a pattern per se, just instructions on turning a toe, and I got a nice, sturdy, cushy sock. I decided to measure the gauge and write some things down to make it easier to do the second sock. The gauge is 7.5 spi. In a worsted weight yarn, on 2.75mm-ish needles. (I would have to get up to give you the exact number, and I have a purring cat in my lap, no way that's happening any time soon) No wonder I very much dislike the sock that is being knit from Nancy Bush's new vintage sock book. The gauge is 7.5 spi for a fingering weight, it feels loose and floppy to me. I think I need to lighten up on my gauge ideas. I swatched up a bunch of yarns, and decided that I prefer ten or more spi for fingering weight yarn. Since I have no interest in knitting socks with sub-zero needles, I'm trying to learn to appreciate how soft and bouncy a more relaxed fabric feels.
I have the same problem with lace, I don't like to see big gaping stitches in stockinette so when I'm making something I want to knit the stockinette areas more solid. I know that blocking removes a lot of the "Mooseness" in the stockinette areas, but it's hard to adjust for that when I'm looking at it as it comes off my needles and the stockinette is gaping at me like it just came off a #19 needle.

Other than that it's been pretty eh here. Had an emergency dental appointment, the dentist is really cool, I have boat loads of homework in every class, we're dissecting this week in bio lab. (sheep brains, I wish I could bring in a fleece and call it good)
I'm at 45 days of waiting for my heirloom knitting order to arrive. I've heard anywhere from 3 weeks to 65 days, so I figure I have another two weeks or so before it arrives. DO I wish I'd chosen the faster shipping method? No, not really. I'm impatient, yes, but I kind of like the anticipation, I *REALLY* don't need another distraction right now, and, well, ya know, it was cheaper. Since I'm getting the same items no matter how it was shipped, cheaper is mo'bettah in my book.
Have a good evening, I'm off to go calculate the molarity of some solutions.