Knitting Like A Sailor

Friday, September 30, 2005

Please, Somebody find a paper bag...

I have been practicing the great art of retail therapy. I feel faint whenever I think of the bills, but I knocked my want list way, WAY down.
Shall I share with you?
It started with this:

Grey RomneyxBorder Leicester fleece bought off of E-bay, it's from last years clip. I'm thinking a nice sweater.

That felt good, so I moved on to some things I've been needing:

That would be a pair of Strauch Cotton/fur half size hand cards

A lovely swift

And because I'm a literary kind of gal:

I've been looking for this locally and couldn't find it.

Since I was ordering anyway...

This looked really interesting.

I decided to complete my collection:

and start a new one

A mystical mosaic sock kit, St George pattern, Black and Blue/Violet colorway

Beth B-R's twined sock pattern

Hazel Carters Spider Queen Shawl pattern

Her Rosy-Fingered Dawn Kit.

I then purchased a selection of the knitpicks dye your own yarns. No pics, they're um white, I'm thinking you can visualize white yarn...

But since I was buying all these lace patterns I needed to get some more lace yarn.

Porn anyone?

Hmmm...That's enough for four shawls, plus the knitpicks, and I only have one pattern...

Must Have More Lace.

So, I did it. I bit the bullet, and ordered these:

The Spring Shawl Pattern

The Unst Bridal Shawl

The Rosebud Shawl

The Ring Shawl

and, since I was paying all that shipping:

There are a few things I will still pick up, I would like a copy of Rogue, a nice little sweater pattern Terri Shae designed, some more needles, but I have to let the card rest a while (and wait until I can get Paypal to accept my new account) since it was screaming for mercy.

Cheaper than a Therapist, but I still hurt for my little guy. The vet let us know on Wednesday what killed him. It was a cottonmouth. It was fast, but it wasn't easy for him. We have a professional coming out to scope the yard, house, and sheds for snakes and Make our home less palatable for them.

Thank you for the condolences, both public and private.