Knitting Like A Sailor

Sunday, September 18, 2005

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For some reason I've been having trouble getting the title to show up in the last couple of posts. I guess I shouldn't complain considering it's frequently months between posts. *sigh* Semester started a couple of weeks ago. I've a heavy science load on top of an eng class with a prof who enjoys highly structured, philosophical assignments, and her greatest pleasure is watching students have moments of discovery be it in their thinking, lives or deciphering MLA formatting. So, if you ask a question she doesn't answer it, she tells you a story about it. Greaaaaat. I haven't had too many difficult questions, but her style is annoying. Other than that I really am enjoying my classes this semester.
On the needles, well, I have an v-neck pullover that I mentioned previously, I'm knitting a lace scarf for my sister with some moss green alpaca laceweight and I'm trying out a few different things with it, like the way of knitting scarf and edging at the same time as in the orenburg shawl book, using some shetland motifs and basically winging it. So far it hasn't been bad but conversely so far all I have knit is the bottom edging lol
I have been trying to make the mediterranean lace shawl from gathering of lace, I've cast on for it something like 31 times, and I've even gotten through three repeats of the pattern but something seems to happen each and every time. I have to admit most of the time I lose one or both needles out of it and it starts unraveling in my backpack. I need to figure a better solution for toting my knitting around, but I don't want to carry two bags. The doors at school are awkward and heavy and close really fast, so frequently my rolling backpack gets slammed in the door, and my knitting saves my laptop. Maybe I should break down and use some point protectors or something lol Ah well, the yarn is getting an attractive, cushy halo around it from being yanked back so many times. I'm starting to think I'm going to have to brush it to make the rest of the not-nearly-so-abused yarn match. We'll see, if I ever get to keep knitting on the damn thing.
I've been under the weather last night and all day today. I didn't even get out of bed today. Kevin did everything, and my sole contribution was dropping a handfull of fish sticks on the kids plates at dinner time, and then staggering back to the bathroom. I'm better than I was earlier today. Serious time was devoted to pondering how I could move the bed closer to the bathroom, because those 5 steps were too far. I also found myself cursing the former owner of the house for removing the bath part of the bathroom, it would have made clean up so much more pleasant when I lost the guess which orifice is going to spew game this morning.
I do have to say that the laptop and the wireless router has been the best investment. I seriously was worried about spending the money, but man, it's been a life saver. I can do homework anywhere in the house, and I can even take it outside and study while the kids play. Today I accomplished no studying, I devoted my time to pressing myself as flat as humanly possible on the bed, and reading blog archives. Bloglines ate all of my feeds, every single one, so I've been cruising the knit, spin, and fiber rings to find them, and running across some interesting new ones. Some of the ones I had to have back immediately? Knitting Curmudgeon, Queer Joe, Yarn Harlot (and today I went and re-read her archives, great way to pass the afternoon) Boogaj, Wendyknits.
Okay, time to go be flat again. Have a good weekend.
PS Shaela's a great dog, we vetted her and found out a) she's only 3 years old, b) she had heartworms (we're saving to get her treated, almost there!) and c) she's closer to a purebred than we thought, the vet thinks she may be pure unregisterable. (what he calls the dogs that the good old boys breed for huntin' and such.)
bed time now
*Edited to add*
Not that I care if Shae's a purebred or not. She's fantastic, she's sweet and funny and beautiful just the way she is. Pedigree doesn't even enter the equation.