Knitting Like A Sailor

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cool Toy!!

I was futzing around with stuff (still under the weather) and went looking for a way to magnify or do something to hilight the row I'm knitting on excel spreadsheets. Found It! It works with anything on the screen you want to magnify, and I believe it's packaged with all XP accessories. It's called magnifier, and the path is start menu --> accessories --> accessibility --> magnifier. Windows also has a taskbar magnifier in their power tools area but I don't care for it as much because it doesn't go the full width of the screen and it's not as easily parked (I had to move the whole taskbar whereas with the packaged magnifier it was click and drag, and it's resizeable to one line rather than the three the taskbar one does) on both you can adjust the magnification. Really handy little toy. I see much more charting and scanning in my future.
Downside? the packaged app has a box that stays on top of everything whereas the taskbar app does not. Eh, i just park the box in the corner.
have a good evening!