Knitting Like A Sailor

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm still here

Barely. I just finished up summer semester on Monday, and recieved my final grades today. Coll Skills-A Computers-A Biology-A Statistics-B for a grand total of (drumroll please....) a GPA of 3.769.
i'm pleased, and I highly doubt I will attempt a full credit load during summer semester again. Packing that much stuff into 10 weeks was overloading. Cconsidering these classes were all numbered in the 100's (statistics does have prereq's but I tested beyond them in the entrance exams) I'm thinking trying that with the 300 range classes I will be taking by the time next summer rolls around would be suicidal.
on the needles - a sweater for me out of patons merino and some handspun, your basic V-neck with drop shoulders. I'm using elements from a couple of different patterns, copying something I liked on another pattern (that I don't have, so I'm winging that bit) and then drafted my own pattern to my measurements, with shaping. Nothing exciting, but it's knit a bit looser than what I'm used to knitting (apparently I like bulletproof fabric) and it feels really good, soft in my hands, so I'm looking forward to wearing it. Indeed, it's already been worn in a way. We had torrential rain that started after I left my umbrella at home, and I was the leaving a trail of water wherever I walked kind of drenched just from walking 40 feet from the parking lot to the door. Of course the classroom was sub-zero, so I whipped out my trusty knitting, broke the yarn, and wore 3/4 of the sweater back as a mini-cape for the next two hours. Tres Chic, I know, but it helped muffle my teeth chattering so the other students could hear.

Still fiddling with lace. I've enough of knitpicks alpaca lace weight to knit a shawl in both the lilac-y color and in autumn, but I haven't found anything satisfactory yet. I bought the first two Walker treasuries at the same time and have been swatching a few laces from them, but so far the things that I like the looks of are more effort than I want to go through right now. I only have ten days left of my two weeks between semesters, I'd rather spend them knitting and spinning rather than doing figures and struggling.

Adios, I'm off to zone in front of the tv with another lace swatch.