Knitting Like A Sailor

Friday, April 22, 2005


I had a post I'd been working on over a few days, but Blogger burped and *poof* it's gone.
Basically I wanted to say that I've been considering insane projects and I got a dog.

The insane knitting projects?
I've been practicing my lace spinning. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to achieve a consistant gossamer shetland lace weight. Right now I'm able to get gossamer with areas of laceweight. In the meantime, I have a lot of lace yarn floating around. I bought a nice long 0 needle at the lys because they finally had one in and I want to support their stocking lace materials and tools. So I've been swatching some of this lace weight yarn with it. I really like the lightness and drape of the fabric I've been getting, and have had thoughts of a lace weight FI sweater (scroll down to the June 12th entry for a link to the pic) chasing about my head. Of course it wouldn't be a particulary fast project, but I do enjoy knitting with fine needles and fine yarns. I swatched brioche with the 0 and it was beautiful, soft and airy with a glow about it. I switched to 0000 dpn's and swatched stockinette, not as soft and not as airy, but nice and stretchy with an attractive opacity. Reminds me of the sweaters my mom had stored away from when she was a teenager back in the 40's.
I've also been looking at making a pair of socks for the fair this year. I bought a pair of commercial socks that I really love a while ago. Thick soft cotton yarn, slouchy tops, really comfy and they keep my ankle warm at night. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to see if I could deconstruct them and reproduce them with some fingering weight knitpicks merino. I gave them the once over today and the cuffs are brioche, short row heel, and i'm not sure about the toe but i think i can do it with kitchner.
I swatched the brioche stitch, some stockinette and a short row heel using their proportion of wraps, and it looks good so far. Some mods I'm thinking about are a tubular cast on, knitting the cuff flat then sewing it up (the brioche sts looked better when done flat than when i tried it in the round) and definately tightening up the gauge on the foot. I might even do the cuff in laceweight and the foot in fingering. Haven't decided yet.

About the dog
Her name is Shaela. At least now it's her name, who knows what it was before. I got her from the sales manager of a new subdivision. she and another dog had been running loose for a few weeks in the area, no one had seen them for a few days, and then shaela showed up at their office alone, begging for attention. Her companion still hasn't been seen.
Best guess would say she's a mastiff X yellow lab with a definate nod to the yellow lab in color and jowl structure. Might be some hound in her too. She's an older dog, in the neighborhood of eight or so. She has beautiful house manners, listens very well, is very good with the children, and has a really laid back personality. She also is huge, and fat. 25 3/4 inches at the shoulder, 46 inches from nose to base of tail, and is well over a hundred pounds. You can't feel a rib on her after three weeks on the road. I have to wonder how fat she was when they decided to dump her. She also has arthritus, but we've been giving her coral calcium and she's moving around much more freely. Tonight she's a bit stiff but we're having a storm and i'm feeling it too.
We're working with her to teach her some leash manners, and to see if she can learn to play in a more acceptable way than the wrestling that she seems used to. tug of war seems to be catching on, and she'll chase a stick and leave it where it lands, but balls have no meaning to her. Same for rawhide chews, she licks and licks them and then goes and buries them in the yard. Silly.
Judging from her behavior, she did not get a lot of extended petting sessions previously, but she's adaptable. she's discovered ear rubs are good and belly rubs make her groan and sigh and roll over on her back all four feet in the air. she seems to have been one of those "go away until I want you" pets. Until they didn't want her any more.
I realize that because she's old, she's a big breed dog, and her physical condition wasn't well maintained that she probably won't live with us for more than a few years. i have no time or interest in a puppy, she fits in with our family like she was made for us, and at the very least she will be loved and appreciated for who she is while she's with us. I tend to look at older animals as very little investment for a huge loving return, even if it's a short term pay off.
off to swallow yet more migraine meds and hit the sack.

Oh! How could I have forgotten to mention, I have a comment! YAY! thanks so much Fidgetybudgie!