Knitting Like A Sailor

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm going slightly mad...

My favorite Queen song. I've been introducing my son to essential musicians and songs and even he immediately recognized the genius that Freddy Mercury was.
Coincidentally, the internet is driving me batty. Lost all my comments, even though I had taken pains before we moved to make sure they were carefully tucked away in storage. Can't attempt to get them back because the old email address is defunct and i can't reinstate the old account because they want to send a confirmation email to the old address, can't get a new one set up until i have an email address, which i won't get until i get our account number, which i won't get until time warner sends us the first bill. gaaaahhhhhh! I did turn on bloggers' comments so i hope there is some sort of way to communicate with me. Which segues right into...

If anyone has ideas on cleaning potting soil, rust, and other assorted crud and stains i'd rather not think of off of my dpns (some plastic, a few steel, most of them aluminum and bamboo) I'd really appreciate any suggestions. The plastic shoe box i had them in got shoved under a potting bench at the m-i-l's house and then covered in bag upon bag of potting soil she got a great deal on. Apparently the only one who knew where it was was her cat, who was found sleeping in the open box after it had been filled with dirt.

Since I really wanted to knit on dpns, I started the sleeve to a philosophers wool sweater on bamboo clovers i had tucked away elsewhere. The pattern is sunshine something or other, it's in the new knitting encyclopedia i got a few weeks ago. i'd find a link or even bestir myself to go find out the name of it, but i'm not using philosophers wool, i'm not using similar colors, and the fi charts are pretty basic. It's mainly those diagonal zigzag and pyramid shapes that I see most often as peery designs between motifs. Think of a big boxy cardigan with larger motifs in rainbow colors and you've about got the sweater. Despite all that, i'm really enjoying it. I miss knitting, and even though this will be a simple cardigan done in big yarns (well, big for a fair isle) it's cheerful, the colors i chose are coming together nicely, and it's challenging enough to pay attention to without risking burn out. I'm considering it practice for the smaller gauge, more expensive, and infinitely more sophisticated patterns of Alice Starmore that i aspire to knit. Okay, time to go. Have to pick up the eldest at school (it's german club day today so he's later than usual) and burn a few gallons of gas getting errands done.
Talk to ya'll later!