Knitting Like A Sailor

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hum Dee Dum

Oh, Hi there. Long time no see, eh?
Yeah, I know, it's my fault. I fell off the face of the internet. Sorry about that.
Let me see, what's new around here. Hmmm....Well, the here is's that for a start?
Way back when, when I was talking about Loverboy and I getting kersmackitied, the decision we were trying to make was whether or not to move. Not just your run of the mill across town hike, but all the way from Georgia to South Carolina. Not all that far geographically speaking, but it was far enough thank you. So, we did. We stayed with his parents for two very interesting and rather long months (I bit my tongue enough I considered it an aperetif) and we are now firmly planted in our first house. Nothing major (70's ranch, 3 beds 1 1/2 bath etc) but its 1499 sq feet seem spacious compared to the 648 sq foot house we moved out of. We have a real, fully fenced yard, gated driveway and all, with lots of trees, a gigantic magnolia that the previous owners son committed horrible crimes against, a screened in back porch, camellia bushes, hydrangea, gardenias, and the obligatory azaleas, which are EVERYWHERE in the yard in no planned pattern that we can see. The previous owners were divorcing after 30 years and the old guy was rather...well...He had a calling from God to move to Missouri to build a 21 room house on his fathers land and take in children to teach how to fish off it's roof. A very noble purpose, I'm sure, I just hope God calls him with a better landscaping layout for his future digs than the one he didn't use here.
Let me see....any other news than the big, not really. Between house hunting, child rearing, moving and then moving again, painting, getting my eldest settled in school (oh, there's a point...more about that later) I really haven't had time to do anything fiber related other than caress my tools and books and put them away with a promise.
About my eldest
We'd been homeschooling him since second grade, and he was now aged enough to be in fourth. I was really nervous getting him in school, but he took the placement tests, and for the most part placed right in with everyone else in his grade. Go Mom! Okay, yeah he did the testing, but we did a good job of keeping him current with his peers, something that was nice to hear. And, he made Honor Roll with his first report card. I was amazed that it is report card time already, i mean didn'the just start school yesterday? Has it been nine weeks already? He swears its been aaaaggggeeeessss mmoo-oooo-oooom LOL ah well, time is elastic I guess.
Okay, the wee ones are in bed, the blog is updated, and the Loverboy is enticing me with the first TV we've been able to sit and watch in three weeks....I'm off!