Knitting Like A Sailor

Saturday, June 12, 2004

My Fair Isle design

Now that i seemed to have figured out links last night, I was going to post a pic of the fair isle chart that i have been working on. I tried posting it here to the blog, unfortunately I have it at the geocities site i made ages ago, and apparently they don't allow people to link from blogs to it because it shows up for a split second, then goes blank. So, here's the link
Please, tell me what you think. It's my first attempt, and I feel it's a honking big ass design, and each motif is going to be ten inches wide. I'm seeing it as a two color design, which is why i felt more comfortable making it so busy, and done in a fingering weight yarn, which would scale it down some. Still, Big and Ass are the two words that come to mind when I look at it.
Please excuse the largeness of the jpg, i was having a difficult time seeing the details when it was smaller.

PS forgot to mention last night, while we were in summerville (see, told you most people wouldn't recognize the name) we dined at Sticky Fingers twice. Once a rather lackluster buffet, and the other time, oh my, *hot flash* the other time was all you can eat ribs night. 5 different styles of sauce, dry rub, bbq chicken, and three sides, all bottomless, all delectable. We wallowed in it. Hedonistic food orgy comes close, but not quite, to accurately describing the experience. they do have online ordering, but for ribs it's waaaay expensive and involves fed ex. The sauces are divine, I personally recommend the dry rub, the memphis original and the carolina sweet. *drooling at the memory*