Knitting Like A Sailor

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Life throwing a curve ball

Loverboy and I were talking about some options that have been presented to us lately, and started joking about life grabbing us and giving us a kersmackity to force us into doing what we want to do but don't really want to do because of the way we have to go about it, when the ceiling fell in our bedroom. Not the whole ceiling, only about half a sheet of drywall's worth. BUT it was right over where our heads are when we sleep. Kersmackity noted, decision made, thank you.

The landlord was really great about it, he came out monday morning, assessed the damage, and had his family out fixing it within an hour. They tore up half the roof, ripped out the rotted subroofing, and properly replaced that half of the roof, all in one afternoon. that's how small our house is. This morning one of them came back and replaced the rotted drywall sheet.
One of the things that makes me so happy with our landlord is he told me yesterday, out of the blue, that he's real happy having us as tenants and he's very glad we're here. *Sniffle* He's always been sweet like that. We were talking outside while I watched the lovely young men sweat up on the roof, and I told him that I spin and knit, and showed him my drum carder and a sock I was knitting. His fingers started twitching when he found out I also have a spinning wheel, it was too funny. He's always been fascinated with the process (He worked at Bibb Textile Mill here in town, maintaining the heating and cooling system for 50 years) so I dug my spinning wheel out from behind everything that got dumped into the living room after the ceiling fell and I'll let him fiddle with it tomorrow when he comes back to paint the ceiling. Who knows, maybe he'll become a convert.
And that's about all the excitement in our lives lately.