Knitting Like A Sailor

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This should be interesting

I went to post a comment on a friends blog, and blogger told me I had to sign up. Since I had been thinking seriously about starting a blog, I went ahead with it. I even already had a name picked out, Knitting like a sailor, because I have small children and usually my daytime knitting goes something like knitknitknit don't do that please. tink tink tink dammit I said stop. Yes you look cute with mommy's yarn on your head no no get back here don't... crap! okay I'll put it up for now.
you get the idea.
something I should probably note about myself for those who don't know me. I had surgeries on both hands for carpal tunnel. I had a "strongly moderate" case, in both wrists, and it's left me with some permanant nerve damage. What that means for you dear readers ( or should I say dear reader? hell, no one knows about it yet, dear self will work. anyway....) Ahem, what that means for you dear self, is that i often do not capitalize except at the beginning of a sentance, and i am the typo queen. Since i usually put effort into making things look nice when i post to other peoples comments and in emails, and this is my own blog, well, there's plenty others about knitting out there if you don't like the way i communicate, i wish you good luck finding someone else whose typing capabilities are more to your style. Boy, the first post in my blog and i'm already dictating. The power is fairly blowing my mind. I like.