Knitting Like A Sailor

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Oh, Yeah, fiber content

Let me see, on the needles i have the ribbed cable cardigan from sweaters for men, for my SO, in tornado teal naturespun sport, a pair of socks in lionbrand magic stripe (it's the only locally available sock yarn, yes i live in fiber hell) socks in blue handspun Gulf Coast Native Improved (aka gcni, or as Stasia likes to call them, Louisianna Beach Sheep) from Margrett of Runningmoonfarm. Love the story behind the name, see if you can chat her up and get it from her. And last but not least, a soft cables moebius in pale blue alpaca/merino/cashmere blend, pattern and yarn from elann.
On the wheel, i have a mohair wensleydale blend from greenwing on ebay. I bought the two rovings ages ago and then blended them on my drum carder, and tossed in a little bit of a shades of grey cotswold fleece to tip it more into a purply burgandy rather than a red burgandy. I'm thinking some sort of simple stitch gansey type sweater with that. On the carder I'm working up a pale fawn shetland fleece from my friend tricia in canada, i have some grey crossbred ram from her too that's slated for next, and i'm washing up a lovely grey romney/dorset cross fleece from Melissa at skylines farm. Really lovely fleeces.
Oh, and i have this fair isle pattern that i charted last weekend. It was running around my head bothering me, so I drew it out but I have no experience with fair isle so I don't know if it's any good. I'll swatch it when I find some suitable yarn and we'll see.