Knitting Like A Sailor

Friday, May 28, 2004

knitting at large and people in particular

You know, it's interesting to sit back and watch all the knitters discussing various parts of the craft. String or Nothing is a blog I eagerly turn to every day, Karen is a reliable poster and boy the knowledge she has! Wendy amazes me with her productivity and generosity, QueerJoe is very talented and it's nice to see what a male's perspective is. The guys at Threadbare are a hoot, Rob's blog is such a riot of color. My friends are always near and dear to me, Stasia, Nannette, Teresa, Linda, Rosemary and the rest of you all. However there are two people in particular who really appeal to me and whose blogs I would read even without fiber talk. I do not have a personal relationship with either of these ladies, as a matter of fact one of them I have only posted to their blog once, and that was earlier today. Mar is an incredible knitter, who has offered to help me with neck steeking, or figuring out pattern issues if need be (and trust me Mar, there will be a need) reminds me so much of my mom, with her biting humor and acidic wit. And her sweetness that I've seen her portray toward those who are close to her.
The other lady I really enjoy, her blog is bossy little dog and her name is Catherine. Catherine is a strong, independant woman who lived through the hell that cancer is, much like I did with my mom. (really, my life doesn't center around mom, but my son was talking about her today and it got me to thinking) Catherine's journey into hell lasted about three years I think, mine started when I was five and lasted until she passed when I was 28. Someday I'll post more about her, but not now. Anyway, Catherine seems very much like one of my personal heroines and someone I aspire to be when I grow up, my sister. Smart, strong, and tired most of the time seems to be a trend in my favorite people lately.

and on that note, i'm off for three fun filled days with loverboy's family and friends. have a great memorial day, don't forget to hug a soldier!