Knitting Like A Sailor

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Blogdweeb in action!

(this was written Thursday evening and posted Friday morning)
In reviewing wednesday's final post, boy did i ever sound like one of those people who expect you to find every stitch they make fascinating. In actuality I don't, but some friends to whom i sent the blog link requested that i post my current wips. I aim to please some people and y'all got to share the bounty. Lucky you.

In responce to my commentors-

Elissa, YAY you like me, you really do!! hehehehe and do get a blog, it's not that bad. They wouldn't even take my first born (or any of my children for that matter) in trade :( Thank YOU for making MY Thursday!!

Mar, believe it or not, I actually knew that you preferred a three needle bind off for shoulders. Don't ask me how, probably something that stuck in my brain from the first incarnation of your blog (or would that be the first reincarnation of your blog?) I figured for munitions belts to rotate smoothly and comfortably you'd want to kitchner the belts, which is what I meant to refer to as kitchnered and disguised as shoulders, sorry. For what it's worth I did picture the belts to have the full compliment of J&S strapped to them like those criss crossed belts the gunslingers wore across their chests in the old westerns, what better ammo against fashionistas, eh? As for the Haloscan stuff, twern't nothing, if it was in the way it was in the way. I did email Janet Szabo about the posts so she could check them out and approve or sue me, but once they went away I re-emailed her and said never mind. Huh, guess I should probably re-re-email her, but by now she's going to think I'm insane.

Anthony, Your shawl is quite pretty! I do have your blog on my list of favs to check regularly, and i look forward to it when I'm making the rounds, but for some reason i'd been missing it lately. I went searching and found you hiding in my favorite purveyors of fiber-crack folder, go figure. It was cool to catch up on your adventures today.

I've been getting grief from the loverboy all day over having Mar firing tri-pod (or vehicle, he just bellowed into my ear) mounted 50 cal guns from the hip, one is physically impossible much less two. I say get a grip, he says she couldn't because they weigh 30 or 40 pounds apiece. *sigh*

In my other life
We spent today getting ready to hit the road friday as soon as Loverboy gets home from work. We're off to Charleston, SC to visit his family and catch up with an old crony of his that he hasn't seen in a couple of years. Woo Hoo! Atlanta last weekend, Charleston this weekend, i feel positively cosmopolitan.
It looks as though Webs is finally pulling themselves out from under the ginourmous backlog that their anniversary sale created. I did succomb, and ordered a dozen or so skeins of cascade 220 in various assorted colors two and a half weeks ago. UPS sent me notice today that the order has been checked in with them, and my card has been debited, so I'm excited about that. I don't know what it is, but i hardly ever order yarn online. It's not because we have great selection of yarns locally, we don't. Actually, i think that may be part of the problem. I'm a tire kicker and i don't like risking what little money i carve out of the budget on yarn that i am not familiar with. I've heard good things about cascade, so i got some with a philisophers wool style sweater in mind. Some might remember that i was spinning and dying a fleece to make one last year. Unfortunately i processed half the fleece first and then needed more, so i went to wash the other half and chose one of my more stupid days to do it. Big felted donut, anyone?