Knitting Like A Sailor

Friday, May 28, 2004

knitting at large and people in particular

You know, it's interesting to sit back and watch all the knitters discussing various parts of the craft. String or Nothing is a blog I eagerly turn to every day, Karen is a reliable poster and boy the knowledge she has! Wendy amazes me with her productivity and generosity, QueerJoe is very talented and it's nice to see what a male's perspective is. The guys at Threadbare are a hoot, Rob's blog is such a riot of color. My friends are always near and dear to me, Stasia, Nannette, Teresa, Linda, Rosemary and the rest of you all. However there are two people in particular who really appeal to me and whose blogs I would read even without fiber talk. I do not have a personal relationship with either of these ladies, as a matter of fact one of them I have only posted to their blog once, and that was earlier today. Mar is an incredible knitter, who has offered to help me with neck steeking, or figuring out pattern issues if need be (and trust me Mar, there will be a need) reminds me so much of my mom, with her biting humor and acidic wit. And her sweetness that I've seen her portray toward those who are close to her.
The other lady I really enjoy, her blog is bossy little dog and her name is Catherine. Catherine is a strong, independant woman who lived through the hell that cancer is, much like I did with my mom. (really, my life doesn't center around mom, but my son was talking about her today and it got me to thinking) Catherine's journey into hell lasted about three years I think, mine started when I was five and lasted until she passed when I was 28. Someday I'll post more about her, but not now. Anyway, Catherine seems very much like one of my personal heroines and someone I aspire to be when I grow up, my sister. Smart, strong, and tired most of the time seems to be a trend in my favorite people lately.

and on that note, i'm off for three fun filled days with loverboy's family and friends. have a great memorial day, don't forget to hug a soldier!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Blogdweeb in action!

(this was written Thursday evening and posted Friday morning)
In reviewing wednesday's final post, boy did i ever sound like one of those people who expect you to find every stitch they make fascinating. In actuality I don't, but some friends to whom i sent the blog link requested that i post my current wips. I aim to please some people and y'all got to share the bounty. Lucky you.

In responce to my commentors-

Elissa, YAY you like me, you really do!! hehehehe and do get a blog, it's not that bad. They wouldn't even take my first born (or any of my children for that matter) in trade :( Thank YOU for making MY Thursday!!

Mar, believe it or not, I actually knew that you preferred a three needle bind off for shoulders. Don't ask me how, probably something that stuck in my brain from the first incarnation of your blog (or would that be the first reincarnation of your blog?) I figured for munitions belts to rotate smoothly and comfortably you'd want to kitchner the belts, which is what I meant to refer to as kitchnered and disguised as shoulders, sorry. For what it's worth I did picture the belts to have the full compliment of J&S strapped to them like those criss crossed belts the gunslingers wore across their chests in the old westerns, what better ammo against fashionistas, eh? As for the Haloscan stuff, twern't nothing, if it was in the way it was in the way. I did email Janet Szabo about the posts so she could check them out and approve or sue me, but once they went away I re-emailed her and said never mind. Huh, guess I should probably re-re-email her, but by now she's going to think I'm insane.

Anthony, Your shawl is quite pretty! I do have your blog on my list of favs to check regularly, and i look forward to it when I'm making the rounds, but for some reason i'd been missing it lately. I went searching and found you hiding in my favorite purveyors of fiber-crack folder, go figure. It was cool to catch up on your adventures today.

I've been getting grief from the loverboy all day over having Mar firing tri-pod (or vehicle, he just bellowed into my ear) mounted 50 cal guns from the hip, one is physically impossible much less two. I say get a grip, he says she couldn't because they weigh 30 or 40 pounds apiece. *sigh*

In my other life
We spent today getting ready to hit the road friday as soon as Loverboy gets home from work. We're off to Charleston, SC to visit his family and catch up with an old crony of his that he hasn't seen in a couple of years. Woo Hoo! Atlanta last weekend, Charleston this weekend, i feel positively cosmopolitan.
It looks as though Webs is finally pulling themselves out from under the ginourmous backlog that their anniversary sale created. I did succomb, and ordered a dozen or so skeins of cascade 220 in various assorted colors two and a half weeks ago. UPS sent me notice today that the order has been checked in with them, and my card has been debited, so I'm excited about that. I don't know what it is, but i hardly ever order yarn online. It's not because we have great selection of yarns locally, we don't. Actually, i think that may be part of the problem. I'm a tire kicker and i don't like risking what little money i carve out of the budget on yarn that i am not familiar with. I've heard good things about cascade, so i got some with a philisophers wool style sweater in mind. Some might remember that i was spinning and dying a fleece to make one last year. Unfortunately i processed half the fleece first and then needed more, so i went to wash the other half and chose one of my more stupid days to do it. Big felted donut, anyone?

Oh, Yeah, fiber content

Let me see, on the needles i have the ribbed cable cardigan from sweaters for men, for my SO, in tornado teal naturespun sport, a pair of socks in lionbrand magic stripe (it's the only locally available sock yarn, yes i live in fiber hell) socks in blue handspun Gulf Coast Native Improved (aka gcni, or as Stasia likes to call them, Louisianna Beach Sheep) from Margrett of Runningmoonfarm. Love the story behind the name, see if you can chat her up and get it from her. And last but not least, a soft cables moebius in pale blue alpaca/merino/cashmere blend, pattern and yarn from elann.
On the wheel, i have a mohair wensleydale blend from greenwing on ebay. I bought the two rovings ages ago and then blended them on my drum carder, and tossed in a little bit of a shades of grey cotswold fleece to tip it more into a purply burgandy rather than a red burgandy. I'm thinking some sort of simple stitch gansey type sweater with that. On the carder I'm working up a pale fawn shetland fleece from my friend tricia in canada, i have some grey crossbred ram from her too that's slated for next, and i'm washing up a lovely grey romney/dorset cross fleece from Melissa at skylines farm. Really lovely fleeces.
Oh, and i have this fair isle pattern that i charted last weekend. It was running around my head bothering me, so I drew it out but I have no experience with fair isle so I don't know if it's any good. I'll swatch it when I find some suitable yarn and we'll see.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Little ditty 'bout Mar and knitzombies...

okay, here is the schedule of events-

I thought up a really cool on topic post for the comment section on Mar's blog (aka the knitting it, you'll find her)

I started writing out the really cool comments post in Word, which although simple, it took me most of the afternoon and evening. Two toddlers and a nine year old kind of slow things down, ya know?

Mar moves her blog to her new domain

I make my post to her old blog site, 13 comments for the post and one fairly philosophical post about making ribs doesn't make you a chef.

Mar's Haloscan comments, the comments I made my post in, go buh-bye.

Yup, zero. zip. nada. all gone. *sigh* since I still have the file I go and see about posting it to her new comments.

Hmmm...have to get a blog to post comments....

Since it's no longer on topic at Mar's blog, and I have this here space to fill anyway, here's the original comments post, enjoy.

Endless seas of knitzombies, rigidly marching in formation, fluffy crap swirling, to the tune of “Cast ON!! Yo LEFT (knit to the end) Yo LEFT (knit to the end) Yo LEFT (knit to the end) Bind off one, two, three, four, FUZZY SCARF!!” pouring from a tiny figure wearing a crochet helmet.
What has this world come to? Are we doomed to drown in crap? Scheduled to swelter in frippery that won’t breathe? Just as we give up on our last hope…? OOOOOEEEEOOOOOO ooo ooo ooooo…..ooooEEEEoooooo oo oo OOOOOO…..over the ridges we see her. Slowly emerging, the clean classic lines of a Fuzzy Poncho in traditional shades of Lime, Hot pink and …Wait just a durned minute Mar, I thought you were supposed to be our Savior, wtf are you doing? Going over to the Dark….
“ShutthefuckUP can’t you see I’m COUNTING??????!!!????”
Finishing the row and carefully tucking it away, she flings the crappy disguise off to reveal a design so breathtaking in its complexity our hearts surge with joy. It was merely a ruse!!! Tearing open a bag of swatches and scattering them to the four winds, she watches them sail over the troops.
“Look at how fine this is! There’s no way I could knit with it, and how would people know you loved them without the big lumpy stitches in their tube socks to remind them with every step?”
Shoulders slumped, she turns, prepared to climb down the slope, resigned to hunker down in her stash bunker and wait out this new siege upon the knitting community, when she hears, off in the distance, a lone voice cry
“WOW! That’s SOOO KEWL!!! I bet I could knit this, and it’d be so AWESOME with…”
Whipping around she squints over the glare of glitz and sees a teeny tiny figure hunched over a swatch, counting stitches and doing some rudimentary math in the dust.
Quickly a Fashionista drops a fizzbomb on the figure, entangling her in screaming neon sparkle, and medics drag her off.
“that’s IT, now I’m PISSED”
Mar reaches up and tugs on her expertly kitchnered shoulders. As they rotate around we realize that she’s wearing munitions belts, cleverly knitted in pattern to disguise them from the fashionistas. Reaching up under the back of her sweater she whips out her trusty 50 caliber pneumatic machine guns. “Bite me Fashionistas!!!” JJjjjj JJjjjjj Jjjjjjj n sssssssssssssssss Jjjjjj JJjjjjj Jjjjjjjjj n ssssssssss

As a unit the fashionistas turn and start lobbing Fizzbombs at her. Tattered skeins falling short, one big ball of Kid Seta went the distance. As Mar ducked she thought “That’s been wound on a ball winder, it shows thought and planning ahead…maybe there’s hope….”
With a loud Pflouf!!!! It hit her and exploded, proving itself to be just the outer strands of a Kollinette Kwik-Wrap. The shapeless mass quickly knitted her into its broomstick embrace and started seeking entry into her soul. She straightened, giving the Vile Wrap a chance to get a good grip. A fizz is heard, growing louder until with thousands of pops the bulletproof gauge of Hank 8 forces the wraps digestive juices back on itself and it fizzles into packing peanuts. Shedding peanuts like a newbie drops stitches, Mar turned, hands at her belt mounted sock keeper. Flipping the switches, the strands retract and an Aranmaster 3000 rolls up the rise.
Swinging into it’s Honeycombed seat (ridged for her…oh, wait, that’s a different story altogether) she starts firing needles, dpn’s, straights, and circular bolo’s, none of them larger than a size six. She twiddles some knobs and side compartments click open. With a smooth, well lanolined snick two cannons slide into place. Braced against the recoil, she pulls the triggers. BLATT BLATT the machine rocks. The front lines of the knitzombies fall, entangled in strings. Blissssssssssssss soft yarns froth forth, to entrap more. The tiny Crochet helmeted one in the distance, comfortable in her foxhole, squawks into a cell so covered in cozies it’s hard to believe it actually works any more, and a cadre of mini vans tear into range, tires screeching like acrylic on needles. The doors fly open and more knitzombies pour out. In the distance behind our Heroine we see miles of headlights, prepared to open the floodgates and let the crapola enrobe our savior, our last bastion of classic knitting.
Mar jumps down, pulls off her Dale hat and waves it, attracting their attention. “I don’t want to wipe you all out, we can get along fine! Just reach out and embrace knitting, push yourself beyond garter stitch and froufy crapola!”
”It’s too hard! We can’t do it! We don’t want to think!” the ranks chant back.
The Tiny Crochet Helmeted one jumps up from her fox hole and shouts
“That’s it my beauties! Let me give you my patterns, I will design your destiny and together we will travel the garter path, knit in the new summer colorway Forest Sprite!” *Vannaish hand flip* En Masse the zombies ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and reach for their credit cards. “That’s it my pretties” the tiny one croons “It’s sooo lovely, sooo sparkly, with it’s new technological advance of being corespun over brush curlers, it’s guaranteed to snarl on itself beyond repair, but that’s okay! It’s only ten dollars per yard, and the stole only requires 200 yards! You can knit it after dinner and still have time to review the Letterman tapes before lights out, but of course you’ll have to buy some of the new Diva © brand size 100 needles to work it up on!”
With a heavy heart Mar pushes the buttons that will bring the penultimate raining upon their heads. She waits as the machine begins to vibrate and hum.
”ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSsszzzzZZZZZzzz ssssSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZZ SSSSZZZZAAAAABBBBBOOO-OOOO-OOOmmm!!!!” It echos throught the realm. Knitzombies crumple into dust, those further a field stumbling, clutching their eyes against its brilliance. The tiny Crocheted Helmet one cries “NOOOooooo….no one can learn to enjoy finishing! It’s Not Possible!!! I’m melting….melting….mel…..”
“Poor, innocent souls. May the knitting gods take pity upon their souls.”
Swinging back up into the saddle of the Aranmaster 3000, she pauses, and turns suddenly as we hear, faintly, “cough cough…cough…I think cough cough cough that it’s 5 stitches to … the inch…cough cough but it’s only a part of a stitch…..maybe I can’t….can’t….can’t do it after all….”
Whipping around she kicks the Aranmaster into gear and charges down the slope, one hand on the cables the other yanking out her uncozied, gleaming cell.
”QueerJoe? QueerJoe we have a live one, and she’s almost got gauge figured out! Round up the posse, we’re going to need a lot of dk! Yes, yes bring the color cards! And some size 3’s. Oh better make it 3, 4, and 5’s, and two’s just in case her knitting is tighter than a scared virgin on her wedding night. Oh and as long as you’re there could you pick up some of that Koigu that’s on sale? Something to match that skein you and I had the tug of war over last week……”

This should be interesting

I went to post a comment on a friends blog, and blogger told me I had to sign up. Since I had been thinking seriously about starting a blog, I went ahead with it. I even already had a name picked out, Knitting like a sailor, because I have small children and usually my daytime knitting goes something like knitknitknit don't do that please. tink tink tink dammit I said stop. Yes you look cute with mommy's yarn on your head no no get back here don't... crap! okay I'll put it up for now.
you get the idea.
something I should probably note about myself for those who don't know me. I had surgeries on both hands for carpal tunnel. I had a "strongly moderate" case, in both wrists, and it's left me with some permanant nerve damage. What that means for you dear readers ( or should I say dear reader? hell, no one knows about it yet, dear self will work. anyway....) Ahem, what that means for you dear self, is that i often do not capitalize except at the beginning of a sentance, and i am the typo queen. Since i usually put effort into making things look nice when i post to other peoples comments and in emails, and this is my own blog, well, there's plenty others about knitting out there if you don't like the way i communicate, i wish you good luck finding someone else whose typing capabilities are more to your style. Boy, the first post in my blog and i'm already dictating. The power is fairly blowing my mind. I like.